• "When good people do good work, others need to know about it!

    All of us pet lovers need someone we can trust and count on. Sandy has been the consumate professional, taking care of our baby dog, Webb, for nearly one year now. Our life is crazy and hectic, but when we call Sandy to check on Webb, she doesn't bat an eye! Webb loves her, and she keeps us so well-informed. We are truly lucky to have found someone who cares so much about our baby!

    Those of you looking for a proven, trusted, professional pet sitter and dog walker, look no further than Sandy at Rounds with Hounds!"

    CASSIE and BRAD S.
    Happy Owners
  • "We've just returned from our trip and I felt compelled to write and tell you how much our family truly appreciates you and everything you do for us.

    The special touches you do and the care you put into the cats amazes me everytime I walk in the door. We can relax and enjoy our time away knowing the cats and the house are being cared for so well. I know George in particular couldn't live without you! The notes and photos are so fun to see and read!

    Thanks again for being such a great friend and co-parent to our sweet boys!"

    Owners and Happy Pets
  • "You are such a blessing to us!

    When we moved to the area we were so worried we'd never find another dog sitter/caretaker like the one we had before. But, low and behold you showed up on our door step within a few days of us moving in and we couldn't be happier.

    We are very comfortable in knowing Coco is very well taken care of while we're gone..and as a parent of a dog ya just know when it's not right and this is VERY right!

    Thank you for being so caring and giving. Coco feels your love too!

    Happy Owner
  • "You have a gift!

    We can come home from a vacation and our dog is so happy! We can rest easy knowing that Buck will be in good hands while we’re gone.

    Thank you so much for what you do!"

    Happy Owner
  • "I am incredibly grateful to have been referred to Rounds with Hounds by several neighbors. My hound mix GG absolutely adores Sandy.

    I could not be happier that Sandy's services provide GG with active play, in a safe and supervised environment. Sandy's above and beyond skills as a licensed caretaker allow me the freedom to travel and the assurance in knowing that GG, my most precious companion, is completely pampered." 


    Owner and Happy Pet
  • "I am so glad Tom has referred us to you and think you are amazing!

    It's simply the extra attention and notes that make the difference."


    Owner and Happy Pet
  • Nana Sandy has been with us for three years. Our mom and dad work and have hectic lives.

    Nana Sandy comes everyday around lunchtime to walk me, give me my meds, fluff my pillows, give me hugs and says hi and give hugs to my pesky feline sisters. She has even taken my sister, Mazie, to the doctor. When mom and dad travel, Nana stays with us and we have a love fest filled with safe and loving care with treats and movies. It’s so much fun!

    I should tell you, I am a15 year-old Maltipoo. My parents say that I am this youthful and spry because Nana Sandy visits and pampers me. We all trust her and are so lucky to have her with us.

    Molly, Mazie, Dazie G.
    Happy Pets
  • Had a great experience? Share your (or your pet's) thoughts here. "Bark Back" and send me your review!
    Thanks! Sandy Herrmann
    Rounds With Hounds
  • Had a great experience? Share your (or your pet's) thoughts here. "Bark Back" and send me your review!
    Thanks! Sandy Herrmann
    Rounds With Hounds

Sandy Herrmann
Smyrna, GA